Don’t forget the extras to make your meal complete.

Plain Popadum (v) £0.70
Masala Popadum (v)
Hint of chilli & aromatic herbs
Plain Paratha (v) £1.95
Stuffed Paratha (v)
Infused with herbs & vegetables
Keema Paratha
Infused with spiced minced meat
Chapati (v) £1.20
Buttered Chapati (v) £1.30
Puri (v) £1.20

…and add a finishing touch to add to your sides or mains.

Chutney & Pickles (v)
Mango chutney/Tomato & Garlic/Mixed Pickle/Mint Sauce/Onion Salad
Plain Raita (v) £1.20
Cucumber & Onion Raita (v) £1.30